A Post With No Name

I posted a couple of blog posts on the old Brilliant By Now site, which I am discontinuing in favor of focusing my attention with you here at Life After Gray.

The posts were from 2020, we were all on lock down. Everyone, everywhere. It’s actually quite difficult to believe that it happened. Yet, it did.

Anyway, one of the posts was pretty sad and another no longer seems relevant. Anyway, I’m going to copy over a couple posts that can still be fun for you here!

The other two, I’ll copy below, the choice to read them, is as always, yours.

Post Title: Go Find Something – Video Chat Fun

I wasn’t really paying attention, but there was a short clip that I heard, but didn’t see… anyway, they may have had their own rules, but I’m just going to run with it… so this is the gist.

Go find something…

So video conferencing is becoming THE way to see your family and friends. It’s easy and you get to spend time “together”. It’s very calming to actually see one another and know that indeed all is well. Kind of heart warming, but it can be a little hectic if everyone is talking at once, and even a little boring if you do it too often. This is perfect for all ages!

Check this out! This is brilliant!!

Depending on the number of people and ages of your video chat group, you may want to play this in rounds and with a timer. Each round, a different team can be chosen to call out and someone to keep score. The winner gets bragging rights!

Go get something… RED!
Go get something edible! (go get a cookie, chips, etc.)

Go get something

to write with
to read
a remote
a hat
a dog (real or stuffed)
a brush

…and so on.

Post Title: Missing Out

ETA: I’m guessing that far too many of us experienced similar heartbreak.

I’m going to do a heavy post right now. I promise I won’t do too many of these, but this one needs out of my head and these are heavy times.

Today I missed my grandson’s 3rd birthday party. My daughters are concerned for my health and recommended that I not attend. So I didn’t. I thought I would get to use a video call to sing to him during the party, but at a time when communication is so important, apparently that wasn’t communicated. My available daughter didn’t know, so by the time I called to ask when they’d be calling, I missed it.